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CuriosityStream is for viewers who want to watch documentaries in their highest fidelity. The platform offers two price tiers, though both include access to the same streaming library. The more expensive plan just unlocks 4K streaming. CuriosityStream supports offline downloads on mobile and doesn't show any ads. You can download the app on mobile devices (Android and iOS), gaming platforms (Xbox One), streaming media devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Roku), and smart TVs.


History Vault gives you access to much of the video content you don't see on the History channel prime-time lineup anymore, including long-form documentaries and docuseries, such as America: The Story of Us, Ancient Discoveries, and Mysteries of the Bible. In addition, History Vault supports offline downloads on Apple devices, doesn't show ads, and offers apps for mobile platforms and streaming media devices.

You can watch the videos as many times as you want. No matter how much you like it, you can download the application at anytime. All the videos are available in HD quality. The application will show the latest documentaries and news. 041b061a72

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