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They Don't Care About Us (Remastered Version)

The song begins with a group of children singing the chorus, "All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us". In between the chorus lines, one child chants, "Don't worry what people say, we know the truth", after which another child says, "Enough is enough of this garbage!"[6][7][8] It is played in the key of D minor and the track's time signature is common time.[9] The song, which is cited as being a pop song, has a moderately slow tempo of 90 beats per minute. Instruments used include synthesizers, percussion and guitar.[9]

They Don't Care About Us (Remastered Version)

Jackson also collaborated with 200 members of the cultural group Olodum, who "swayed to the heavy beat of Salvador's 'samba-reggae' music".[23][25] The media interest surrounding the music video exposed Olodum to 140 countries around the world, bringing them worldwide fame and increased credibility in Brazil.[26] At the beginning of the video, a Brazilian woman says, "Michael, eles não ligam pra gente" (Portuguese for "Michael, they don't care about us"), recorded by Angélica Vieira, producer of Manhattan Connection.[27]

For the first time in his career, Jackson made a second music video for a single. This second version was filmed in a prison with cell mates; in the video Jackson is seen handcuffed. It also contains real footage of police attacking African Americans (including the beating of Rodney King), the military crackdown of the protest in the Tiananmen Square, the Ku Klux Klan, war crimes, genocide, execution, martial law, and other human rights abuses.[29] This version is rarely to never played on television and has less than a tenth of the views of the Rio video on YouTube.[30]

When questioned further about the lyrics on the ABC News program Prime Time Live, Jackson stated, "It's not anti-Semitic because I'm not a racist person ... I could never be a racist. I love all races."[33] The singer also said that some of his closest employees and friends were Jewish. That same day, Jackson received support from his manager and record label, who described the lyrics as "brilliant", that they were about opposition to prejudice and taken out of context.[33] The following day, two leading members of the Jewish community stated that Jackson's attempt to make a song critical of discrimination had backfired. They expressed the opinion that the lyrics used were unsuitable for a teenage audience that might not understand the song's context, adding that the song was too ambiguous for some listeners to understand. They accepted that Jackson meant well and suggested that the entertainer write an explanation in the album booklet.[6]

I just wonder why you have to get songs censored the way you do? You literally destroy many songs with that. Maybe cursing doesn't sound so nice, but if you don't like the song they curse on, WHY do you listen to it?I, as myself, don't care about the cursing but like to listen to the songs meaning. If a rapper made a song with meaning, but had cursing as a way to express himself, you should look at the meaning not the cursing. Maybe you can't find the meaning but that is YOUR problem. Seriously, when a song you like, gets bugged up with suddenly silent moments that doesn't fit in at all... YOU should know what I mean....

This official Spotify solution to this is wrong. I just found out the hard way by listening to the "clean" version of Ill Communication by The Beastie Boys with my 10 year old son! Even though there are two versions available, I can assure you that the one without the "explicit" labels is deifinately not a cleaned up version. It's just not remastered, it's the original release.Whether or not you agree with censorship or patental guidance and the whole PMRC controversy is of no consequence - it's here and it's a tool for parents to use so they don't have to pre-listen to content to make sure it's okay for kids. The label should be correct and the official Spotify solution should be correct.

I actually listen to Spotify from my desk at work, and cannot have swearing coming from my computer speakers. I would like to know if there is a feature or a method of searching in spotify to eliminate any explicite songs from my "Work Safe" Mix so i don't have to worry about manually filtering my playlists. Pandora has this feature, which is why its been my player of choice lately. Can i tell spotify to some how NOT show me any explicite songs?

Awe I am glad I found this, I was about to cancel Spotify cause I thought it only had clean versions of my fav rap songs! Thanks for the tip, you guys should really make it show both versions much easier to search because I really was about to go to the competition because this is easily overlooked. Just a thought.

The pair were skilled when on patrol, able to comfortably handle infected they encountered, even rescuing survivors on numerous occasions. They were so skilled that, whenever a large horde of infected was reported by other patrolmen, Maria would personally assign Joel and Tommy to take care of it.[7] Their most notable feat was in the winter of 2034, when they killed over twenty infected from a forty-strong horde, predominantly formed of clickers and bloaters.[12]

Tommy was with Joel for the initial years after the outbreak and aided him in ambushes and raids.[18] It is implied Tommy himself had killed innocent people, as he claims to still suffer nightmares from the years he spent with Joel and all the horrible things they did. Tommy has been seeking redemption for his past crimes by helping Maria build safe havens and communities throughout Wyoming. He cares about those under his charge and puts their well-being before his own.[3]

Like Joel, Tommy has a short temper, but his is much quicker to diffuse than that of his brother, due to him being generally more sympathetic. His sympathy is shown early on when he tries to stop to help a family during the outbreak but stops when Joel insists they don't; Tommy likely yielding due to a 'big brother knows best' view. Tommy also takes the time to scavenge a photo of Joel and Sarah from what remains of their home, being especially sympathetic to his brother through such.[3]

Tommy becomes frustrated when Joel brings up his past and blames him for most of it, indicating that Joel may have led a lot of their activities.[1] However, he is surprisingly quick to forgive his brother when they meet again after many years, and despite being more averse to violence, he is capable of violence when he has to be and still loves and cares for his brother Joel.[3]

During the outbreak, Tommy was protective of Sarah, using Joel's revolver to protect the pair from infected. When picking them up in the car, Tommy toned down his language around the girl and affectionately called her "honey". When they were cornered in a room due to oncoming infected, Tommy forced Joel to run on because he was carrying Sarah, putting the child's life above his own. He appeared saddened by her death, but more so for Joel due to how much the man cared for her.[2] This understanding stayed with Tommy, with the man taking the time to leave Wyoming and travel back to Texas to retrieve a picture of Joel and Sarah together to keep.[3]

It would be great if it's BC all the way back, but Sony are blatantly having one eye on future sales whereby they release further remastered versions of old games etc. I think PS3 and PS4 should be essential because, if anything, you would then be able to download ALL games on PS Now. The connection on that service makes streaming unplayable a lot of the time, which means half the service is worthless. If you could download ALL the games then it's value would be so much better. Not bothered about PS1 or PS2 personally (as long as they release a remastered THPS3 of course)!

Personally I don't care and Never have cared about "Backwards compatibility" on any "Console". I "Keep" my previous "Consoles" and finish ongoing games, play the ones I Bought and haven't played do to lack of "Time" in my life, I have a Job, wife & 3 children, so Not much gaming time, LOL Still use my old systems/consoles to this day, personally rather play it as it "Was" when it "Was"... I'm sure it's for "Some Gamers" just not me. Sure it would be nice to have one "System/Console" to emulate/play All previous software, instead of having Multiple devices all setup etc.I just "Love" the feeling & nostalgia of actually "Reliving/Playing" said game/software that I experienced before.Just like "Unpausing" a game, continue the journey!

I have around 20 PS4 games all brought digitally over the last few years. I am hopeful I can play them on PS5 day one as I plan on trading in my current gen consoles. I don't mind if they perform the same as long as I'm not locked into my ps4 to play them.

Not long after posting I saw an faq on the PS5 website confirming that it's not possible. I really only want BF4 and hitman 2 which are my fav disc ones but they are also both on PS now so all might not be lost. Looking forward to Gran Turismo and Hitman 3 the most. What about you?

Gamers are getting older but this is being blown way out of proportion. It's a vocal minority who all claim to have a big PS2 collection of games and don't want the inconvenience of popping them in an old PS2. One guy here even said that Sony has crushed his dreams. Older gamer don't talk like that. This self entitlement and moaning about everything is putting a dampener on an amazing moment in gaming history. The PS5 is the future not the past.

@get2sammyb Shadow Complex remastered physical version from LRG is still not playable. Thought it might be because I'm using the same external hard drive that I was using with the PS4. I removed the external hard drive and tried to install directly to the PS5 but no luck. It says the game is the latest version, but it is version 1.01 instead of 1.02. I would also like to comment that using the same external hard drive that I've been using with the PS4 doesn't work as flawlessly as Sony claim. In the PS5 notifications, I had about 20 games that said they weren't able to copy over and 10 different errors. Unfortunately most of the games and errors said "No title" so I didn't know which games had issues. Luckily I went back to my PS4 and the notifications there told showed me exactly which games were "paused" during copying so they weren't installed all of the way and even which games had errors. I deleted those from the external hard drive on the PS4 and then reconnected the external hard drive to the PS5 before reinstalling them. Now all of my games besides Shadow Complex works. I just wanted to pass along in case others have the same issue. 041b061a72

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