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"Hidden" Episode 3.5(2021)

No I have not. Seems to give pretty consistent values at expected rates. It is a bit odd to intermittently but consistently give a value of 20 below your normal resting heart rate rather than just failing to record heart rate. Resting heart rate is usually pretty accurate using optical measurement as there is no conflicting cadence signal. Is the sensor consistently in contact with skin. Although the strap can be a little looser when not exercising it should not be too loose. Have you tried resetting the device? What is your skin tone? How old are you and how is your cardiovascular health (a possibility would be that you are experiencing episodes of complete heart block where typically the ventricular rate is 40 or less). You could rule this out (or in) by using a chest strap for the day. Or maybe you just have a duff unit.

"Hidden" Episode 3.5(2021)


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