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Timeout Movie 2015 English Subtitles Download !NEW!

Returns information about found subtitles. It is designed making multiple search at once. When nothing is found, 'data' is empty. If sublanguageid is empty, or have value 'all' - it search in every sublanguage, you can set it to multiple languages (e.g. 'eng,dut,cze'). Tag is index of movie filename or subtitle file name, or release name - currently we index more than 53.000.000 of tags.

Timeout Movie 2015 English Subtitles Download

This is possible only for logged-in users. Scenario: user have directory with movies, for which he cannot find subtitles. With this function he subscribe to possible results, when someone else will upload matching subtitles. Once a day (or week...based on users profile) will system send subtitle link by mail to user. *Note for developers*: if it is possible, send moviehashes and moviesizes only for first CD in set (for example movie on two CDs), because users will receive duplicated mails (one for first cd and one for second cd)

This function needs to be called before UploadSubtitles(), because it is possible subtitles already exists on server - this method is designed to link subtitles and moviehash. It takes 2 parameters, second parameter is array of information for subtitles to be uploaded, minimum cd1 is required. Mandatory fields are: subhash (md5 of subtitles), subfilename, moviehash, moviebytesize, moviefilename. It returns "alreadyindb" when subtitles already exists in database. When they do not exists, SearchSubtitles() is called, and API is looking for existing subtitles based on MovieHash/MovieSize. If some results are found, information is returned in "data" key as SearchSubtitles() return structure. This is good for uploading - user should have imdbid field already filled.

array UploadSubtitles( $token,array( 'baseinfo' => array ( 'idmovieimdb' => $idmovieimdb, 'moviereleasename' => $scene_releasename, 'movieaka' => $aka_in_subtitle_language, 'sublanguageid' => $sublanguageid, 'subauthorcomment' => $author_comment, 'hearingimpaired' => $hearing_impaired, 'highdefinition' => $high_definition, 'automatictranslation' => $automatic_translation, 'subtranslator' => $who_translated_subtitles, 'foreignpartsonly' => $foreign_parts_only), 'cd1' => array( 'subhash' => $md5subhash, 'subfilename' => $subfilename, 'moviehash' => $moviehash, 'moviebytesize' => $moviebytesize, 'movietimems' => $movietimems, 'moviefps' => $moviefps, 'movieframes' => $movieframes, 'moviefilename' => $moviefilename, 'subcontent' => $subtitlecontent ), 'cd2' => array (...) ) )

This function have to be called after TryUploadSubtitles(). Many information are same, important part is subcontent. It should be gzip-ed (without header) and must be base64 encoded. Also please don't put any advertisment (eg. Uploaded by My Application) anywhere (eg. subauthorcomment), it will be deleted.sublanguageid - is optional, if it is not present, or is set to not allowed language string (eg 'unk'), auto-detection language of subtitles will be performed.Optional parameters in this method are: moviereleasename, movieaka, sublanguageid, subauthorcomment, hearingimpaired, highdefinition, automatictranslation, movietimems, moviefps, movieframes.If hearingimpaired, highdefinition and automatictranslation are not defined, set to 0 or empty flag will be not set.

This method is needed to report bad hash, e.g. subtitles are right for this movie file, but they are de-synchornized - for other version/release. With this method number of reports is counted in db, and after some number, hash will be automatically deleted from database.

Allows logged users insert new movies to opensubtitles internal movie database, which are not in Guidelines for application: when user enters movie name and movie year call in your app SearchMoviesOnIMDB() where are returned movies stored in and When user checks movie does not exists in list, allow him to insert new movie. This needs to be done to avoid duplicates.

Add new request for subtitles, user must be logged in. All parameters are mandatory except comment field - you can put there releasename of movie. You should call this method, when no subtitles are found for given IMDB (not for moviehash!) and it should be done on user request. When request is filled, user should receive mail from about that.

Subscribes to $moviehash. Once subtitle is linked to $moviehash, SearchSubtitles() results are POSTed to $url (set in SetSubscribeUrl()). This method is implementation of webhook, it is useful, when you got some moviehashes and you don't want to scan OpenSubtitles? for subtitles for performance reason.

This method is useful for when a user is typing a movie or series name in a search field. Use-case scenario; The user is in the Search Subtitles -pane of a program and searching for subtitles. He starts typing and this method returns the count of existing subtitles for the given languages. Then he selects a movie or series and a SearchSubtitles by IDMovieIMDB is performed.$sublanguageid can be multiple languages (eg.: "eng,por,pob"). The results are ordered by popularity of movie. The SubtitlesFound is always higher than 0. This method is not suitable to implement in an Upload function of a program (because only existing IMDb IDs are returned that have suitable subtitles).$sublanguageid is optional. If not specified, $sublanguage == 'all'. In that case, suggestions are made for All languages. So it is a good idea to pass user-defined subtitle language(s) here. 350c69d7ab


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